Month: April 2018

The Advantages Being Lawyers Nowadays

There is a huge paradigm shift in the legal industry. There has been a change in the practice of law and those who are not adapting to these changes are soon becoming irrelevant and missing out from the new opportunities these wind of change is presenting to the industry. This shift has not left any area of the legal business untouched from automation to concierge-level support of clients. Employment opportunities have also plummeted because of technological advancements.

• Legal Process Outsourcing
The delivery model in the legal industry is a major area affected by this change. The way legal services were carried out has changed; the new model is now called Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). With this new model of legal service you can outsource the work of paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals to vendors domestically or even overseas. You are no more limited by geography. Legal outsourcing can be done onshore or offshore.

• Monopoly of The Industry is Broken
Lawyers used to be the only source for legal knowledge years ago. There was no competition anywhere for them. We all had to reach them to have whatever legal knowledge needed. This system provided a monopoly for lawyers and law firms who now charge exorbitant fees consultations or other services. Lawyers were the only source for corporations, government entities and nonprofit organization to access viable legal information.

Today, that traditional way of accessing legal services has changed dramatically by modern technology. This welcome dramatic change has democratized the industry. Legal resources and intelligence are increasing accessible easily and quickly by a click. People can now access needed legal knowledge through various technological platforms at little or no cost.

• Globalization
Globalization has radically transformed how lawyers do business today. The growth of the internet, key developments in data security, the automation of legal processes and other emerging technological tools have had a huge impact on how legal business is carried out today. Law firms are now expanding beyond immediate borders; they can now easily collaborate with foreign counsel. This has brought about enhanced service delivery and greater productivity. Globalization has reshaped how legal business is done and will continue to shape it for the better.

• Virtual Law Firms
Legal professionals today can do business from anywhere. We have seen a rise in virtual law offices. Thanks to smart mobile devices and modern communication platforms. Lawyers now have an alternative method to do business at home with flexible work hours. Lawyers can now make out time for family and other personal issues without their work life been affected in any way.

We need to understand how this revolution is taking place and adapt to it rather than fall behind it and suffer. If these changes are properly understood and embraced by law firms and organizations, it will lead to more efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the global market.

Signs You Need Mentor For Your Career

As we get ready to kick off a brand-spanking New Year, I reflect on years gone by.

And as I reflect, I’ve concluded that one of the best investments you can make is in yourself by learning something new.

To take it a step further, your investment consideration should be something that will pay you a nice tidy ROI (return on investment).

I love learning new things. I’m curious about all sorts of stuff. Over the years, I’ve had my head into many different subjects, mostly in the areas of sales, advertising, marketing, copy writing, business development and management.

But by no means do I keep my learning to these subjects. In fact, just recently I’ve been learning home wiring techniques and the electrical trade. Naw, I’m not planning on becoming an electrician.

Electricity has always been a fascination of mine. I bought a “man-cave” for the back yard and wanted some power in the building. So, as any decent DIYer would do, I decided to wire that sucker up myself.

So, I got busy and found some great tutorials on how to wire stuff like power panels, outlets, lights and switches. My teacher is a master electrician with over 26 years of experience and did a great job of presenting the lessons.

These days you can learn nearly anything on YouTube.

Another great learning experience is by finding a mentor or participating in an internship. There’s nothing like experience as a teacher and most mentors have tons of battle-tested experience.

You can save yourself a lot of time, frustration and expense by hooking up with the right mentor.

Truth be told, most of my business successes have been possible because of some good training and mentoring from top players in the field.

One top shelf player comes to mind is Terry Dean. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Dean, he’s been at the Internet marketing game for a long, long time; since the mid-1990s.

Terry started from scratch and went from delivering pizzas to building several million-dollar on-line businesses.

Today he’s one of the top internet marketing coaches and consultants.

Years ago, I attended his online Internet Marketing internship. It was awesome and one of the most instructive and useful marketing training that I’d even been part of. It cut light-years off the learning curve on how to successfully market a business both on-line and off.

Unfortunately, Mr. Dean has since discontinued that program but still offers other training and coaching programs. Google Terry Dean and you’ll find them.

The point here is find someone you trust and look up to and see if they offer training in the field of your choice.

If you don’t want to go the online route, check your local community college and see what programs of interest they offer. There may even be local businesses that offer various internships that could pave the way for you.

Basically, the world is truly your oyster and you can learn and achieve nearly anything you want. Just go after it.

I believe you’ll find a wealth of return on your investment, if properly applied. Get busy and start learning something new this year.

So, until next time… have a peaceful and profitable 2018!

Tips To Get Promoted On Your Job

Thanks for stopping by to absorb some informed information that I have put together for everyone that is interested in moving up in their organization. Many people have told me that they feel that they should be promoted at their job because they want it to happen. First of all, there are universal laws that have to be addressed before anything positive can happen for you or anyone else for that matter. When trying to obtain something of value it has nothing to do with what you want, but more with what you deserve. People have told me that they feel they should get a raise because they have worked at their position for many years. Here is what I want to share with anyone that is interested in being successful in their career.

There are five major area’s in the working realm that must be addressed consistently day in and day out without fail. If you are ready to find out what these five areas are then buckle up and prepare to be transported to an alternate paradigm than you presently occupy that this present time.

Five Principles of Advancement:

1. Did you know that a positive attitude can change the way you feel about yourself and about the world you live in? A positive attitude can also change the way about how others perceive you. If others perceive you as a positive person you can bet your last dollar that when it comes time promotion time you name will be one of the first that is mentioned.
2. Have you ever heard the axiom that goes something like this “You never get a second chance for a first impression?” No truer words have been spoken. Your appearance and mannerisms tell people much about who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. It also tells everyone you come in contact with that you care about yourself. 95{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} of the people occupying the employment world fail miserably in these areas.
3. Number 3 would have to be one of the most important laws and/or principles known to man. Most people don’t give attendance a second thought whatsoever. They habitually come in late for work, come back from lunch late, and want to be the first one out of the door. They see nothing wrong with this type of behavior. They are the first ones to call off sick at a moments notice when they are not truly sick, so when the time comes when they need a sick day they don’t have any left to use and want you to feel sorry for them because they feel the world is out to get them and they are being treated unfairly.

4. Customer Service is something that everyone should be cognizant of if they are to tip the scales in their favor. I have personally seen employees who have mastered customer service get rewarded with promotions to upper management and beyond. It sounds like customer service is a combination of the first three.
5. Here is the kicker! None of these will work if you are not congruent. You must take pride within yourself and understand these laws and principles for them to work for you and know that the rewards you receive in life are in proportion to the service you provide.

When You Get Rejection On Your Job

There is nothing worse than receiving a phone call or an email to inform you that your application for a position has been declined and that you have not moved to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Reviewing, considering and then putting in a job application can be time-consuming and can create emotions of excitement and hope in regards to getting that role, which could be your dream role and company.

No matter what stage of the process, be it the first communication from the hiring manager/recruiter via email to inform you that you have not been successful, right through to the final stages of the process and informed by a call, how you deal with the rejection can be as important as having a strong resume and cover letter.

What people can forget, normally, your application is tracked each step of the way, each and every communication that you have; phone, email or in a face to face interview is recorded in your candidate file in the recruitment software. Leaving a lasting and professional impression each step of the process is critical.

With any rejection, emotions, understandably can bubble to the surface – for some, a quick hit of the reply button on email could have long-lasting impacts on any future applications with the company.

  • If you receive a rejection email, don’t reply immediately. File it and come back to it once you have had time to think.
  • Only reply to an email rejection once you feel in a more positive frame of mind and know that any reply you put forward will be a one that is professional.
  • Remember: a recruiter/hiring managers time is just as important as yours. They could have spent two to three weeks working through the process including reviewing and informing you about your application.
  • As emails are often recorded in recruitment software, you could consider sending a “thank you” email for taking the time to consider your application and wish them well with the search and filling the role.
  • With an email rejection, you could consider asking “is there anything I could do, or gain experience in/with that could improve my chances of gaining employment with the company in the future?”

Your emails interactions could be logged against your candidate file. When you apply for future roles in the company, even if its much further down the track and with a different department, your communications could be viewed. Keeping it professional and engaging will certainly be a positive for you.Many recruiters and hiring managers have seen time and time again, applicants react through emotions, stress or because they are unemployed with a quick email that can include highly inappropriate language of even physical harm threats.

No matter what your situation, or circumstances, take a moment, don’t immediately reply. Communicating in such an unprofessional way will simple close off any future opportunities with that business.

Phone Rejections
Normally, phone based rejections are completed when you have undertaken a face to face interview. Usually, you would have built a connection/rapport with the person your dealing with, but it’s important to handle rejection professionally.

Unlike an email rejection where you can take time to consider any reply via email, over the phone you will need to think on your feet.

  • Once again, thank the individual for their time and thank them for giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experiences.
  • Feedback: Ask for feedback, what did you do well, what did you not do so well, what could you have done differently and what can you can do professionally that would help you in future applications for such roles.
  • Be forward: Ask them if they could consider you the position in the future, should the role become vacant again (if you want to work for the company). Let them know that you are interested in the role in the future and working with the business.
  • Always have a rejection plan in place: this will ensure that if you do receive such a call, you can quickly deal with it head on.
  • Follow up: Think about sending a thank you email. Let them know you appreciate their time and consideration and hopefully in the future you will get to work with the company.

There are other things to consider and that you can do to handle rejections. These will be based on the role, company and where you are in the process.

The most important thing, which is hard, don’t let your emotions take over. Doing so could lead you to react in a way that is not professional.

Dealing with a job application rejection in the right way, could help you further down the line. This is very important when applying through a recruitment agency that recruit for a wide range of roles and companies.