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Tips For Become Freelance Model

Being your own boss.

If you’re a model who hasn’t been signed to a modeling agency yet or if you’re that type of person who loves to be your own boss then freelance modeling may be the way for you. You’ll be basically representing yourself, responsible for finding your own work and building your own portfolio. Marketing yourself is another task you’ll have to do. Other tasks include: educating yourself about everything in the modeling world, keeping your resume updated, and much more. As you can see requires a lot of work and that’s the price of freedom when you become a freelance model, at the end the effort worth it. It’s all about getting your first success, after that you’ll get the momentum and nothing can stop that.

Freelance modeling requirements.

There’s no pattern or template for physical requirements in freelance models, nonetheless if you’re very attractive and have a well worked body plus an amazing smile, it’s going to help a lot for sure. What is good about freelance models, is that they can work in several fields of modeling: commercial, fitness, glamour, catalog, etc.

Nowadays, as a freelance model you’ll find a lot of opportunities. One excellent advice is: use the internet. Finding your freelance modeling job is easy if you: have an excellent attitude, arrive early to every audition, respect your coworkers and make as much contacts as you can within the industry. Professionalism is a key element. Satisfied clients will refer you, this way you’ll always have a modeling job.

Freelance modeling jobs.

What is good about being a freelance model is that even though you don’t have an exclusive contract signed with a modeling agency, you have the ability to be signed non exclusively with several modeling agencies. These non exclusive modeling agencies will find you work by getting you booked with clients. The more non exclusive modeling agencies you sign with the more opportunities to get you hired. What you need to understand is that you’ll have to pay them a percentage of the works they find you, nevertheless these agencies are very able to secure you high modeling rates. So at the end the percentage they take is won’t affect your income much.

Model Mayhem Website.

At the same time, you can find modeling jobs by your own. You can do this by using the internet. There’s a great website dedicated to search for modeling auditions and castings for freelance models: Model Mayhem. Sign up there, create your profile including your contact information. Make sure you upload some good pictures of yourself. It’s advisable that you explain the types of works you’re willing to do and which want not. Once you’re in the website, you’ll see the Castings section. Use the search engine they have there, so you can filter.

Craigslist is also another site to look for modeling jobs/gigs. Please proceed with caution with this site, some posts are scam.

Freelance modeling rates.

Rates for freelance models vary, depending on each model. It’s about the skills you posses what will increase your rate, nonetheless several modeling gigs pay a
fixed rate, which is set by the company who hires the model.

Now, regarding photo shoots, you’ll have to decide the moment you’ll start charging for them.

If your level of experience is acceptable, you have an awesome portfolio and look and you have some good referrals, you can easily charge $50 per hour. This value can be adjusted in time, you’ll know when it’s the right moment to do it, but keep in mid that if you became greedy, you may lose some good work opportunities. The best thing to do is evaluate your process from time to time, measure your strengths and select a rate that you feel is fair for your profile.

Develop a freelance model website.

Every freelance model needs to have her/his own website. Not just a Facebook page or a tumblr account, and actual site dedicated completely to you. Something like: www. yourname. com. Hire a website designer or company with experience in creating personal websites, specially for model. They make charge a fee for it, but at the end it worth every penny.

Also make sure you create your Facebook, model mayhem and Twitter profile. They will give you a lot of exposure, thus possible opportunities. Remember that you’ll have competition and they are already doing all these social media work.

Tips For Finding Job Online

Find and respond to online job ads.

Based on today’s search oriented society, the first thing anyone will do when starting a job search is find and respond online job ads. It’s all about typing a few search terms that describe the type of job you want, applying for anything that comes up, applying for jib interviews and get the job after one or maybe two weeks. Unfortunately, most of the times, it doesn’t work like that. Finding a job nowadays require a little more effort.

Takes some time to analyze all available job offers.

It takes some time to analyze all available job offers, understand which ones match your profile. That’s why you can’t just rely on the job title. Many applicants that go this way (not analyzing the job post thoroughly) end up being rejected in job interviews. So it’s important to understand to not apply to anything and everything.

Here are some tips you can apply when doing your online job search:

1) Check out company websites.

If there’s a company you’ll like to work for, check their website. Most of the times you will find a section called “Careers”. This section allows you to apply for a position even if they are not hiring at that moment. By doing this, the company will notice your desire of working with them, thus this may give you extra points, over other applicants, when a new position opens. Most of the times companies love to hire professional that has a connection or a value associated with their company. Being fond of the company is about being fond of their culture and also the brand. When you fill the online application form, let them know in one of the form fields, that you have a real understanding of the company.

2) Visit job search websites.

The following sites:,, and are excellent resources for finding a job. Their search engines let you find by keyword, location, category, salary, etc. Some of these sites have career resources and some of them even let you post your resume online. These sites post hundreds and even thousands of jobs, so make sure you visit them on a regular basis.

3) Use Google to search.

You may type “nursing jobs in Toronto, Ontario”, for example, and check what Google gives you back. You’ll notice most of the links point to the job platform sites listed above and also sites you haven’t check out yet. Change the Google search terms a bit to get even more live results.

4) Use job boards.

Several companies browse online job boards for potential new qualified employees. Post in the job boards related to your skill sets, this way you’ll get better chances you get hired for your dream job by these companies. In case the job board allow members to post their resumes, make sure you post yours. Choosing a very catchy and professional headline, will increase the chances of being picked by employers.

Reason Communication is Important

Why Is Communication Necessary in a Business?

Effective business communication is necessary within an organization because it helps to bridge the gap between senior management and their subordinates at various hierarchical levels. Hence, it is necessary for companies to have a systematic communication system within the company. Here are some ways that highlight the importance of effective interaction in a business.

Helps to Know your Audience

The communication skills within a company are useful in the interaction between employees. By interacting with each other and their senior management through proper channels, employees can be aware of their role. Information is collected by interacting and communicating within a business. This information is vital for smooth functioning of the firm. Having the right skills helps to develop understanding between employees and the senior management.

Establishing Channels

Choosing the right communication channel is the most important aspect of interaction. Different channels are used for sharing information with employees and senior management. Experts believe that having proper inter-organizational communication channels makes it easier for employees to communicate and exchange information. Detailed and significant information must be communicated through written forms like emails or memos. Calling meetings and delivering brief information verbally is effective. An email is a suitable tool for communication but highly sensitive information is best to be shared on a more secure channel.

Communication is intended to be both sided. Don’t just talk because you are the leader without listening to anyone else. Encourage them to open up so you can be well guided when communicating in the future with them. You have two ears and one mouth so you must listen more than you speak.

Short but Effective Messages

Using a suitable language for communication within a firm is a necessary skill for effective communication. Business communication must be short, precise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary details while communicating through written messages. A good communication message must be:

· Direct

· Easy to remember

· To the point

· Honest

Effective communication helps the employees realize their importance as stakeholders in a business. Hence having effective communication skills absorb and share ideas in writing or verbally.

Excellent Interpersonal Communication Skills

Employers place special emphasis on the communication skills of employees, they prefer employees with soft skills and effective communication. For example, sales representatives must have communication skills to convince the customers about the sale. Communication skills could be the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. This is the reason why communication skills are in high demand by several employers.

Invest in Training

It’s important to remember that employees who lack soft skills won’t develop them overnight. A strong training program is essential to empowering and guiding employees. Prioritize communications training, and encourage employees to get plenty of hands-on practice with the skills that they learn.

Remember that nothing is more important than asking firm or company leaders to model strong communication skills. Of course, it’s also important to focus on soft skills during the hiring process. Letting employees know what’s expected in terms of communication skills sets the stage for a positive work environment.

Apart from oral communication, employees must have useful skills for written communication. Some of the highly effective employees have the ability to communicate a compelling sales report together with writing complex intricate business plans. Every employer today prefers an employee with effective skills needed for interaction.

Be Ready For Career Change

As you go through your life, you’ll be growing and the career you chose as a younger version of yourself may not be the best fit for you now. It’s important to be self-reflective and check in with yourself from time to time, especially if you notice yourself being bored or unhappy. No one deserves to spend their days doing something that is unfulfilling.

Here are some signs you need a change:

1. Energy depletion or boredom.

Any job may have moments of boredom. But if you constantly feel apathetic and feel an energy drain at the end of each day, something’s wrong. Do you dread Monday morning starting on Sunday afternoon? Does getting up each day require dragging yourself up and out the door through sheer willpower? Do you hate talking about your work?

Explore what it is that’s causing the energy depletion. Is it the actual job itself, the commute, your co-workers or the management style? Is there something you could tweak, like switching to a different position within the same company, or moving closer? Can you arrange to work from home a few days a week?

Then explore what things add to your energy in your life, whether at work or at home. What do you love doing? What things make you lose track of time? What are your interests? What would you like to learn or spend more time with? Do you long for more connection with nature? Do you want to add more creativity to your work and life?

If it’s the job itself that is at the center of your energy drain, it’s a clear signal its time to make a change in your career.

2. Loss of Passion and Purpose.

Feeling your work has meaning and is personally fulfilling is essential. If you are no longer excited about your work, you won’t be happy and your happiness is a key factor in your ability to perform at your best and advance in your career. Many people make the mistake of going for a job opportunity that offers a bigger paycheck. Sure, we all need money to survive. But going for a job only for the payout can backfire. Financial rewards are not enough when the work isn’t fulfilling and you aren’t happy in it. In the long run, people who are happy and have careers that ignite a feeling of passion and purpose actually can make more money than those in unfulfilling careers. Don’t feel like you have to stay stuck in a job you hate just for the paycheck.

3. Your talent isn’t valued.

If your employer doesn’t value your talent, it’s hard to stay enthusiastic and motivated about your work. If you aren’t being valued, your advancement won’t be supported and your work environment may not be the best fit for you.

4. Your values and the company’s values are not in alignment.

You need to be clear on your top values and stay true to them. Are the company’s values in alignment with yours? If not, that creates a huge stressor. You may want to do the same job, but with a different company whose values and management style are a match for you.

5. Your body will communicate to you.

Do you experience chronic illness, migraines, or other stress related illnesses? Do you have trouble concentrating? In my own experience, I had a job I had once loved switch management and become very stressful. I was sick much of the time and finally landed in the hospital with a stress related illness. Pay attention to the messages your body is sending to you-before you end up in the hospital!

6. You feel chronically stressed and complain about work all the time.

Just about everyone complains about a bad day here and there. But do you feel negative and hopeless just thinking about work? Do you constantly complain to your friends about your job? Have you turned into a bitter person you don’t recognize? I know I did! That was my wake up call. If you see yourself turning into Negative Nelly (or Ned) that’s a clear sign you need to find a career that makes you feel happy, purposeful and alive.

You do have a purpose and what you most love to do will be a key factor in discovering what that is. Start now to reflect on your passions, talents and skills. Don’t censor your exploration. You may be surprised by how your passions can translate into a career. Getting help with this process is a great way to focus it, make sure it happens and feel supported though it.

Challenges For Milenials Nowadays

20 years ago if you wanted to book a vacation, withdraw money from your bank account, or get the latest movie you needed to talk to an employee.

Nowadays, you need only reach for your cellphone and entire professions such as travel agents, cashiers, and video store clerks have gone the way of the Dodo bird.

And it’s only the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to either create or destroy millions of jobs in the next 20 years according to many of today’s top futurists.

In this article, we’ll look at what the impact of AI is going to be for millennials as they join, and attempt to climb the ladder within the workforce.

The Computers Are Going To Steal Our Jobs!

The truth is, that no one knows yet how AI will affect the job market going forward.

There are two schools of thought on the role AI will play for millennials in the job market.

First, there is a loud and extremely vocal fear of technology making jobs obsolete, just as there is a similar fear of those jobs being taken by immigrants to the United States.

A Gallup study predicts that 37{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} of millennials will have their job be replaced by artificial intelligence and a similar report by Mckinsey says that up to 50{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} of jobs could be replaced, these are still just predictions.

What isn’t a prediction is that millennials, especially those just entering the workforce now or in the next few years during which the bugs are being worked out in the application of AI are going to be more susceptible to being replaced than older more senior staff.

In short, the more working years ahead of you; the greater the risk of redundancy,

On the other hand Millenials and others remain optimistic about AI creating new jobs according to this study by The World Economic Forum over 78{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} of millennials believe AI will create jobs with some reports predicting up to 500,000 new jobs being created by AI in the next 10 years alone.

What jobs are most at risk for being replaced by AI?

While widespread adoption of AI and Cognitive Automation have not yet reached widespread adoption, there are certain low level tasks that are prime candidates to be replaced by robotic process automation such as repetitive financial and accounting services like bookkeeping, and loan servicing all of which will be replaced by RPA services within the early stages of AI adoption.

What jobs are least at risk?

The jobs that are least at risk are those which computers will never be able to do completely such as critical thinking skills and human interaction.

The jobs least likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence are things like data scientists, nurses, lawyers and customer service.

The entire workforce is changing.

Gone are the days of spending 30 years of your life with one company, rising through the ranks of internal promotion and retiring with a gold pocket watch and a pension.

Millennials entering the job market are dealing with a variety of challenges from the emergence of the gig economy to companies taking advantage of degree arbitrage to underpay overqualified candidates.

It has NEVER been harder to get or keep a job.

And it’s not going to get any easier anytime soon.

No one yet knows what the final impact of AI will be on millenials careers, but there is evidence on both sides. Some studies suggest that up to 50{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} of the work currently being done by humans can and will be given to the machines. Other studies and anecdotes from companies where AI is being implemented already suggest that AI will create more jobs.

Either way Millenials are the ones most at risk because they have the greatest number of working years ahead of them and are more likely to be applying for low level positions which are more likely to be automated.

If you’re a millennial looking at a career in accounting or mortgage brokering you may want to reconsider as those tasks are high up on the list of tasks that can be done by robotic process automation or RPA.

Key For Success At Work

Knowledge management is a management philosophy that unites the procedures for the organization’s core business. It acts as the support for the rational utilization of existing knowledge in the organization aimed for the creation of new knowledge.

This knowledge is used efficiently to realize the organizational vision and business goals of the company to create value and efficiency to increase capital. In the age of knowledge, managers experience new and unfamiliar experiences throughout their career. They experience the need to manage people, it is an ideal resource for a Human Resource manager and the skill they need to learn and use.

Knowledge management is the systematic management of an organization’s knowledge assets for the purpose of creating value and meeting tactical & strategic requirements; it consists of the initiatives, processes, strategies, and systems that sustain and enhance the storage, assessment, sharing, refinement, and creation of knowledge.

It implies a strong tie to organizational goals and strategy, and it involves the management of knowledge that is useful for some purpose and which creates value for the organization.

On the other hand, employees experience something new every time during their career. They learn important knowledge by interacting with their colleagues and mentors. Employee, over time, learn to clear away their differences to work together as a team.

Knowledge and Cultures:

This expression of ‘knowledge management’ is not particularly successful, especially because it is difficult to connect ‘management’ with ‘knowledge’. However, when it became clear to organizations and technology infrastructure providers that the essence of knowledge management is the integration of culture, processes, and infrastructures. Once all these elements are combined, it becomes evident that this is a process rather than a one-time ad hoc activity. Major IT companies consider data management as knowledge management.

Knowledge in the organization is an asset that supports the organization’s efforts to lead them in their field of business. Knowledge management plays an important role in sharing information within the company effectively. Through an effective knowledge sharing system, employees are able to share different information with each other.

It is important for companies to have a solution for their particular problems, speeding up troubleshooting for different organizational issues is possible when the company has a culture of knowledge gathering and sharing. This is why companies, today, are focused on innovative technologies that promote knowledge sharing across the organization. Knowledge management will help the company to:

• Solve different problems that must be resolved when they occur
• Have a precise information collection system and communication must be done using proper communication channels
• The decision-making process is enhanced
• Embrace the process of knowledge creation
• All the collected knowledge must be shared
• Integrated solutions must be provided for different issues
• Knowledge management helps teams perform better and in a more elaborate and effective manner
• The culture of the organization is focused on continuous improvement

Tips For Slacker At Job

In my generation working hard and having ethics were key factors in finding success. Today the bar has been lowered, labor laws allowed people to get away with things unheard of in our times. I had a discussion with someone in their twenties who apparently educated me on being an ideal staff member, more in retail situations. The problem for me is some of this made sense, totally against the values I was brought-up with. You might find this shocking to if in my age group, so here it is…

The first thing he said was don’t bring ideas to the table, it’s a cookie cutter world and your bosses doesn’t want to hear them anyways. When hired for a position don’t be surprised if you are never promoted, therefore working at 100{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} doesn’t make sense in this world anymore. Just do the minimum they’ll be happy, as well as not making a problem for yourself with the other employees setting a higher work bar. In today’s world the labor laws are totally in the employee’s favor. Firing someone is a real challenge after the three-month probation period. If you don’t want to do something physical at work find a disability they will not make you do it. The perception of being not compassionate in social media can ruin a business. If you want time off but the employer refuses, no problem again look-up undetected symptoms on the internet, go to a clinic get a doctor’s note your golden. Just make sure you call in sick to notify them of your absence. Don’t feel like working for a few months, stress leave is your ticket because unemployment will kick-in. Just make sure you find-out what is required to collect work hours, weeks employed etc… How impressed are you so far with this new world thinking?

Don’t worry about getting fired they must provide a warning and write you up three times before let go. With a few exceptions like stealing. If you’re late all the time, most likely your supervisor will verbally mention before warning or write-ups. Be on time for a little while that way getting off his/her radar, then no worries you can be late again until a formal warning. Let’s say there is a duty you don’t like mention bad me was so busy doing whatever. Then when you do it make sure to keep doing it wrong. They’ll just ask someone else to do it thinking you incapable. He liked the fact that schedules are based on his availability not the employers need. Never leave a job because if do no unemployment, however being fired is more acceptable to collect.

As a person who owned businesses and worked for others, this mentality for me is disgusting. Beside all the social issues needed to be dealt with by employers like sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination now the labor laws allow employees to be slackers. If someone continues not to do their job, a manager can’t be hard with them in a professional way. Just saying something like I’ve asked you to do this many times, why are you not doing this task is there a legitimate reason? If this person exaggerates on social media there is a very good chance that manager will be fired. The always corporation needs to protect their brand. There is no wonder retail is suffering, and companies seem to like doing business more online. I also believe the employers are some what responsible too, because no promotions or raises doesn’t build loyalty either. The next time you walk into a retail corporate store with no service you know why now.

How To Feel Possitive About Your Job

Ever felt stuck in a job you despise? How do you deal with it? There is no best way but in this article I give you several options.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Try the 3-day technique

If you loathe your job, tomorrow will be worse and so will be the day after tomorrow. But the third day, things will be better. See if you can leverage this day to your full advantage doing things like being nicer to your colleagues and cleaning your workspace and finally attacking your frog of the day – settling down to your work project. Find out what parts of your work project are doable and trace from there to the harder parts. See if you can handle it and watch over the next two-three days how you do at the project. Chances are you will stick to your job and complete before the deadline. See if you can adapt to your work and work environment and things may start to fall together and you will probably retain in your job.

  1. Try looking for an alternate job

If the job you are in no way interests you, do some job hunting online and call influential people. Both combined you are likely to land on something you love. But do these tasks outside of your current work schedule so that you still do hold a good job reputation.

  1. See if you would like a career change

Sometimes the job you are in was never meant to be for you. Ask yourself what you would love to work on and where your interests basically lie. Search online various work niches of your interest that go with what you are educated in and chances are you will land on your dream career. Like before, remember to call influential people. Five phone calls should do the trick.

  1. How about working from home?

If you completely detest your current job, you can actually call it quits. There are many online money-making schemes and many online work tasks which you can execute from the comfort of your home. Self-improvement is a popular niche to work on. You can grow your email list by participating in self-help joint venture giveaway events by contributing a free gift in the form of audio, video, eBook, online course or membership script etc. Once you have grown your list to a level, you can grow it further by coming in touch with self-help experts and swap clicks of opt-in pages of your gifts. This way you can also earn commissions. Finally when your list is large enough, you can send in a digital product you built to sell to them and make huge profits. At other times, keep in touch with your email list by sending newsletters with affirmations, quotes, free gifts, blog posts and articles.Summing up, these are some of the ways you can find life again doing the very work you love and you will never have to work another day again.

Take Opportunity For Your Jobs

As a manager, I’m always on the look-out for the performance of my team and also the opportunity to add someone new that might take our companies and brands to a higher level. I happen to be one of those executives that are never satisfied and is always striving to achieve higher results.

All of this means that I have the opportunity regularly to meet new people who could potentially join my team. At any given time, I could be in the process of interviewing anyone who could enter into my team as a junior member and even seasoned professional. Recently, I’ve been hiring experienced professionals, and they’re doing an excellent job. A lot of the reason this is happening is because I’m always on the look-out for qualities that go beyond their resume and work experience.

If you’re thinking about your next job opportunity, you should be aware of the qualities that managers are looking for when they hire.


It doesn’t matter if someone who just got out of high school or has been in the business world for decades; it’s essential to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? I’ve seen people whom I’ve interviewed, and they have not appeared nervous, and the only tell was when I’ve gotten up to shake their hand, which was perspiring, after the interview. That’s fine. Fear or nerves are a natural part of life, but confidence comes from the knowledge that you will overcome this challenge and anything else that you face and so you’re comfortable in your skin.


One of my recent hires had a lot to do with personality. I had a gut feeling that this person was going to do well with the other members of my team. This individual’s character was warm and engaging. It doesn’t matter to me if someone is an introvert or an extrovert. I happen to have both types of people on my team, and they each bring different qualities to the table, which work well. However, even if they are one way or another, they all know our ethos revolves around momentum, excellence and getting the job done at the highest levels. These elements are a natural part of the personalities of the people on my team and what many managers seek in their hires.

Leadership or Initiative

Let’s face it, not everyone on your team can be a natural leader. The world takes all kinds of people, and you need the followers as well as the leaders, but everyone has to have initiative–even the followers. In my team, I want to be informed about almost everything, especially before we have to make critical decisions or something can develop into a crucial situation. When someone takes the initiative to speak up and propose something that can help us do our work better, sees a problem in the making, or offers a new idea, that initiative is leadership.


By intelligence, I don’t necessarily mean formal education. Candidly, I never attended college and yet became a very successful business, and we know there are countless others like me. Intelligence comes in many forms. When I speak to someone who could potentially work in my team, I’m looking for a person who demonstrates a sharp intellect in areas such as common sense, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, etc. One of the essential aspects of knowledge is curiosity. If I see someone who is naturally curious, asks questions and wants to know, learn and discover, that tells me the person in front of me is smart. I can’t tell you how often I have a candidate sitting in front of me who has not bothered to even look at my company websites. An intelligent person takes that time to do their due diligence and homework.

If you’re in the process of looking for a new work opportunity, take the time to read other articles about what managers want to see in their employees. A significant activity to do is to speak to someone who is an experienced professional and ask that person to provide you with a critique of your interviewing style. Take the time with this person to practice your interview skills, especially if you’ve never done it or are rusty.

Many people looking for a job take a lot of time reviewing and redoing their resumes, but it’s just as important to work on yourself. Stay motivated and in a positive place because that energy flows through and is sensed by others in a heartbeat. Never forget that first impressions only come around once and you want to be able to knock it out of the park.

Right Time To Change Your Career Path

Are you in a well paying job, but you’ve always had a desire to be an artist, a writer or to own your own business? Second – or third – careers can be fulfilling, But change isn’t easy.

There are many reasons why you may choose a new career path or take a break from your present job. Sometimes you just need to get away. Other times your passion is pulling you down a different path.

Experts like to talk about how often people change careers during their lifetimes. This figure usually ranges from between three and seven times. Most careers these days are not forever.

In most cases you can leverage some of your current skills and experiences to your new career. Many of these are transferable and applicable to what you want to do in your next endeavor.

Here are 5 important skills needed in order to get you from where you are to where you want to be. They are not magic pills, but these skills can be learned and are applicable to most home and work situations.

Have good interpersonal skills

These are important in getting along with others. They help you function better in the home and workplace. They can help you resolve conflicts when problems arise.

Work independently without supervision

This is often found on job applications. The answer helps identify those who can plan and organize their own work day and tasks. It also points out those who can initiate change in work practices or policies and even who can adapt well to those changes.

Use appropriate planning and organizational skills

Can you identify specific tasks to accomplish or complete and have a plan to reach them? Are you able to prioritize and accomplish the most important tasks first? These form the basis of many different types of jobs.

Able to persuade and negotiate well

This is important in many jobs, especially in areas such as marketing, advertising, selling and buying, but they are also valuable in everyday life. When you persuade others you are trying to get them to take appropriate action. Negotiating involves being able to discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The art of persuasion is to get others to want what you want.

Make wise decisions

First you have to see if there is a problem and then identify it. Is it: Should I take the higher paying job or the one in which I feel more fulfilled? Should I work in the family-owned business or go into my own business? Should I go back to work even though I have 2 small children?

List all possible alternatives. Being able to choose from several alternatives allows you to view them more clearly. Choose the best alternative and act on the decision.

Evaluate by reflecting on the action taken. Here you can see whether your decision met your goals in the most positive way.

It’s important to listen to your intuition as well. The best leaders do this. They then gather all the facts and data to either support or reject that deep-down gut feeling.

Successful second careers don’t just happen. Practicing these 5 skills necessary for most jobs can help you in possible career changes. Through forward thinking, setting goals, and working toward them, you have the best chance of achieving what you want.