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Mary Morrissey – During a recent Dream Builder Live seminar, several participants were asked what they thought of the events and information presented during the seminar. Barbara Smith, a FEMA Consultant, who has been attending the seminars for about two and a half years, stated that “you can’t out give Mary.” The money you spend on one of her seminars is given back to you ten times over. Every seminar she has attended has “knocked her socks off.” Clearly, Barbara is pleased with the outcome of her seminar! If you decide to attend one of Mary’s seminars, the chances are that you, too, will have your “socks knocked off” and learn important information about life coaching and how to improve your own life.

It is important to pursue life coach training with someone you can trust and respect. Mary Morrissey has helped hundreds of men and women become life coaches and earn enough money in their new professions to support themselves full time. This means that these people are able to do what they love for a job! If you are interested in finding out more about Mary Morrissey, life coaching, life coach training and certification or other topics, visit our website.Learn more about Mary: http://www.marymorrissey.com/meet-mary-morrissey

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