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Knowledge is power, I am sure you heard that before and I am sure you have gained lots of good knowledge through out the years and some of the new found knowledge has the potential to assist you in reaching everyone of your goals, however what I find is that most people get the knowledge and lose that knowledge and in this video I am going to share with you exactly how I hold on to that knowledge and how I can retrieve it in a moments notice to apply it in a way that brings me closer to each and every one of my goals and dreams and how you can do the same.

Chadi Bazzi is A Top Real Estate Coach and has conducted over 20,000 One on One coaching calls since 1999 and has helped thousands of people from all walks of life achieve success not only in their business but also in their personal lives.

Chadi Bazzi is a Business Architect, Strategist, Motivational Speaker and a Super Coach. Chadi considers himself to be a student of life and totally believes that Big Learners are Big Earners and this is why he reads a minimum of 50 books a year and is always encouraging his student to become avid readers. Some of his favorite authors are:
1. Brian Tracy
2. Anthony Tony Robbins
3. Zig Ziglar
4. Brendon Burchard
5. Dennis Waitely
6. Og Mandino
7. Napoleon Hill
8. Earl Nightengale
9. Jim Rohn and
10. Grant Cardone

Chadi believes so much in learning and says that when you are in an environment of like minded people who share the same commitment to becoming the best that they can be, Magic Happens and all of a sudden you become more attracted to success and success finds you quicker. This is why he is always attending seminars to meet new people and continue to learn new things to stay on the cutting edge.

Mentorship is the fastest way to success periodly. Since 1997 Chadi has been coached and trained and worked with some of the best coaches which include Tom Ferry , Matthew Ferry , Mike Ferry , Bruce Keith , Danny Morel , Joe DiRaffaele , Rich German , Other Trainings Chadi has been through include the works of such trainers like Frank Kern , Eben Pagan , Brendon Burchard , Russell Brunson , Mike Filsaime , Andy Jenkins and many others.

The Real Estate Business is an easy Business for those who really take it seriously and it is a struggle for those who do not take the time to real learn the ropes.

Chadi has sold real estate with Century 21 Superstars , Century 21 Today and Century 21 Curran & Christie and has coached agents from Coldwell Banker , Keller Williams , Re/Max , Better Homes & Garden , John L. Scott , Windermere , Star Real Estate , Tarbell , Zip Realty , Allain Pinel , Long & Foster , Real Estate One and many other Realty companies, big and small.

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