Tips For Slacker At Job

In my generation working hard and having ethics were key factors in finding success. Today the bar has been lowered, labor laws allowed people to get away with things unheard of in our times. I had a discussion with someone in their twenties who apparently educated me on being an ideal staff member, more in retail situations. The problem for me is some of this made sense, totally against the values I was brought-up with. You might find this shocking to if in my age group, so here it is…

The first thing he said was don’t bring ideas to the table, it’s a cookie cutter world and your bosses doesn’t want to hear them anyways. When hired for a position don’t be surprised if you are never promoted, therefore working at 100{d1819e9ebc746498611b79e7364112cb2c8b79c08252667d5fe6acf022a60a24} doesn’t make sense in this world anymore. Just do the minimum they’ll be happy, as well as not making a problem for yourself with the other employees setting a higher work bar. In today’s world the labor laws are totally in the employee’s favor. Firing someone is a real challenge after the three-month probation period. If you don’t want to do something physical at work find a disability they will not make you do it. The perception of being not compassionate in social media can ruin a business. If you want time off but the employer refuses, no problem again look-up undetected symptoms on the internet, go to a clinic get a doctor’s note your golden. Just make sure you call in sick to notify them of your absence. Don’t feel like working for a few months, stress leave is your ticket because unemployment will kick-in. Just make sure you find-out what is required to collect work hours, weeks employed etc… How impressed are you so far with this new world thinking?

Don’t worry about getting fired they must provide a warning and write you up three times before let go. With a few exceptions like stealing. If you’re late all the time, most likely your supervisor will verbally mention before warning or write-ups. Be on time for a little while that way getting off his/her radar, then no worries you can be late again until a formal warning. Let’s say there is a duty you don’t like mention bad me was so busy doing whatever. Then when you do it make sure to keep doing it wrong. They’ll just ask someone else to do it thinking you incapable. He liked the fact that schedules are based on his availability not the employers need. Never leave a job because if do no unemployment, however being fired is more acceptable to collect.

As a person who owned businesses and worked for others, this mentality for me is disgusting. Beside all the social issues needed to be dealt with by employers like sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination now the labor laws allow employees to be slackers. If someone continues not to do their job, a manager can’t be hard with them in a professional way. Just saying something like I’ve asked you to do this many times, why are you not doing this task is there a legitimate reason? If this person exaggerates on social media there is a very good chance that manager will be fired. The always corporation needs to protect their brand. There is no wonder retail is suffering, and companies seem to like doing business more online. I also believe the employers are some what responsible too, because no promotions or raises doesn’t build loyalty either. The next time you walk into a retail corporate store with no service you know why now.